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Why a Winter Wedding? 5 trends we love

The cold weather, fires, soft blankets, cuddling, hot drinks, and the Holidays: all reasons why winter is a romantic and wonderful time of year to have a wedding! Summer is typically the most popular season but there are so many great reasons to have a winter wedding. Here are 5 popular trends right now that we love for winter


Long-Sleeved Lace Wedding Gowns

Image via Pinterest

Lace wedding gowns have been trending for some time and it is no wonder why.  The detail is stunning and classic yet subtly sexy. What we love about these sleeved versions is the illusion of being just a little more covered but still baring some skin.

As you can see from the example pictured, the lace sleeve goes beautifully with all cuts of dresses whether your style is A-line, ballgown or more fitted through the hip.  Not to mention that these dresses would also pair beautifully with a luxurious fur shawl for outdoor photos in the cold winter air.



Photo Credit Hative

Pictures in Falling Snow

Speaking of outdoor photo shoots, who does not love a good snow photo?  Falling snow is so beautiful and soothing. It makes a gorgeous backdrop for a romantic photo. What better reason to plan winter nuptials than to have stunning one of a kind photos?

We do realize that planning a winter wedding is no guarantee for snow. In fact, most of us here in the South don’t have the privilege of ever seeing snow except on vacation. In lieu of real snow, if you live in a warm climate, or as a backup plan, we recommend a wedding confetti cannon to give a similar look for a romantic picture of the newlyweds either outdoors or maybe even indoors during the first dance! The wedding confetti cannon will shoot approximately 15 feet in the air and cascade down on the happy couple much like snowflakes.

Gorgeous Winter Bouquets

Bouquets are gorgeous no matter the season but there are so many unique things that make winter bouquets stand out. There is so much texture and depth that can be added with rich colored berries, bits of evergreen, succulents and even the occasional pinecone. The occasional dried flower or seed pod make a beautiful statement as well. Your florist can typically still get a few of your other favorite blooms for a gorgeous combination.


Photo via Elegant Wedding Invites


Photography: Hazelwood Photo

Rustic Woodland Details

The rustic-woodland look is all the rage right now from Joanna’s farmhouse chic to buffalo plaid. While you can incorporate this look during any season it really lends itself to the winter wedding. Raw wood, evergreen sprigs, and candlelight are a beautiful backdrop for your big event.

You know the best part of this trend? It is very budget friendly because so much of it can be found in nature around you! You can use cut logs for pedestals and fresh cut pine or evergreen to spruce up your centerpieces. Take a look at this beautiful table center made from tree branches, berries and candlesticks. Easy on the eyes and the wallet. Win-Win!

Sparkling Grand Exit

Last, but certainly not least, the grand exit! Sparklers have quickly become the exit favor of choice no matter the season, but they are especially helpful in the winter time when the sun starts disappearing in the early evening. Even if you and your new spouse won’t be partying late into the night, sparklers can help light the way into your new life together.

Photo submitted by a happy I Love Sparklers customer

For the best results, we recommend these 20″ sparklers. With these sparklers, you will get 2 minutes of burn time and plenty of time to capture some beautiful pictures. If you are having an extra large wedding of over 150 people you may need to buy enough for each guest to have 2 to make sure everyone has a lit sparkler at the same time. You can even personalize the sparklers with your new name and wedding date with custom tags and display them in a galvanized bucket filled with sand.