Create Your Dream Sparkling Exit

It’s not everyday that you get married, and you want this to be the hallmark moment in your life. Are you dreaming of a grand wedding sparkler exit? Who wouldn’t? The sparkler exit is the pièce de résistance in wedding exits—nothing can be compared to this striking display. Along with the dress, the cake and the party, the exit is of paramount importance when it comes to making a memorable statement. Just as the best shows, the best performances, and the best celebrations end with a spectacular bang, you too want to end your night with a memorable and breathtaking feast for the eyes.

Sparklers are synonymous with celebrations, just like birthday candles on a cake and fireworks in the air; sparklers create an atmosphere of magic. When planning your exit, you want something both spectacular and memorable; a sparkler exit with all your guests is just the thing. It not only creates an incredible visual effect, it allows for those in attendance to take part in your special day.

Nothing screams enchanted moment more, than all of your special guests lined up side by side as you walk beneath a magical arch of tiny bursting stars. Not only do the sparklers create a dramatic effect, they allow those near and dear to your heart to participate in the biggest day of your life. Your family and friends will be excited and honored to participate in creating your majestic exit. Sparklers held high overhead, white lights blazing against the night sky and cheers of laughter and joy will surround you as you walk beneath your own starry night sky.

The grand exit with sparklers all around will create a beautiful backdrop for your photographer to capture this moment on film forever. White stars sparkling, faces smiling and the joys in your hearts bursting forth as you are illuminated by the radiance of twinkling starts. This is more than a fairytale, this is real life, your life and your special occasion, and it is as marvelous as you ever imagined it would be.

Everything is better with sparklers as they bring back the feeling of childhood in everyone.  The exuberance of the little kid and the wide eyes that looked toward the sky as the fireworks exploded is brought back to everyone in that precious moment. Family and friends will be thrilled at the thought of once again capturing that childhood joy that comes with sparklers.

Designating someone to be the sparkler coordinator and having it all preplanned will prevent any unforeseen problems on that celebratory night. So don’t hesitate when it comes to planning that dramatic exit. Get your sparklers and invite your loved ones to be a part of your evening as the magic of your day is forever captured on film and in the hearts of those you love.

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