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Let Your Love Sparkle


Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most important days of your life. If you are like most brides, you have probably been dreaming of how this day would look from the time you were a little girl. You know exactly what colors you will use, the type of flowers you want your boquet to have, along with the million other little details. But have you thought about how to include your guests’s making the day even more memorable? One fun and creative way to add extra magic for you and your guests is with heart shaped sparklers for your sparkling exit!

Shower the Bride and Groom with Love

We have all seen wedding sparklers by now or at least heard of them. They are a fantastic way to give your guests something fun to use to participate in the big day. While the standard straight sparklers are a wonderful way to light up the day, there is something even more magical about heart shaped sparklers.

Our heart shaped sparklers are formed from 11-inches of steel wire and coated with a red “sparkler” coating that will burn for up to 50 seconds. Our sparklers are virtually smoke-free, something that all wedding photographers will love. Your pictures will come out beautifuly, capturing the last moments of the day you’ll never forget. Once they are used up, all you have to do is provide your guests with a metal bucket of cold water or sand to dispose of the rods in. When they are cold, the steel rods can be thrown away or better yet taken to a recycling center.

Let Your Love Sparkle in your Wedding Photos

Heart shaped wedding sparklers are an amazing way to enhance your wedding photos. They can be used to add a touch of dramatic lighting to night shots or particularly romantic photos. Using heart shaped sparklers is the perfect way to symbolize the love that exists between the happy couple, in a creative and classic way.

You can hand these wedding sparklers out to each guest or you can use them to decorate your wedding venue, or as part of your table setting. Just add one of our sparkler tags to each sparkler and set them at each table setting. This will add that touch of love and romance to your wedding.  Your guests can then light them just before you make your grand exit, you and your new husband will be able to walk along a sparkling and well-lit path on your way to your new life together. Most importantly of all, your guests, from the youngest to the oldest, are sure to be delighted with your choice of heart shaped wedding sparklers to help celebrate your special day.

I hope these ideas have inspired some amazing ideas of your own! Did you use heart shaped sparklers or even traditional sparklers at your wedding? We would love to see! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram! Don’t forget about our monthly photo contest, send us your sparkling exit pictures for a chance to win!

Gender Reveal Party Tips!

Your little bundle of joy is on the way and you couldn’t be more thrilled. Whether this is your first child or another addition to your wonderful family, you want to mark this moment with something amazing. A Gender Reveal Party is all the rage and you are ready to start planning yours now.

Some tips toward creating the perfect gender reveal party.

  • Pick a date that is around your 20-week ultrasound. In case that little one is a bit shy, it’s a good idea to leave a little wiggle room after your ultrasound. After you’ve got your date scheduled, make sure you send out your invitations a month in advance, which will allow your guests to plan for any travel arrangements they might need to make to attend your party.
  • If you are planning to be as surprised as your guests on your big day, then it’s a good idea to choose a trusted accomplice who can handle any hiccups when it comes to ordering the surprise reveal party supplies. You definitely want someone who can keep a secret—even from you! Your ultrasound technician will happily assist you in keeping the secret. Just provide them an envelope to write the baby’s sex on a piece of paper to seal in the envelope. Then you can hand this precious information off to your trusted pal to commence with the surprises. The fewer people that know the sex of the baby—the better!
  • Start looking for ideas on gender reveal party themes and decide on the theme that is perfect for you. You can let your guests know the theme of your party by choosing coordinating invitations. Don’t limit yourself to just pink and blue. There are other gender neutral and modern themes such as a yellow and grey chevron design, or orange and navy. Once you have decided on a theme, make sure to order your supplies early and give yourself enough time to put things together and to decorate. You are pregnant and you don’t want to be stressed or rushing around when it comes time to get ready for the big gender reveal. This is supposed to be fun—not stressful!
  • If you are planning on some special effects such as, balloon reveals, powder cannons, or smoke cannons, you can do a test run to make sure everything is set up perfectly. This can also help your photographer set up and capture the moment without missing a beat.

While at the party, it’s a great idea to involve your guests as much as possible. Everyone is there to share in the joy of the new family member, so let them be a real part of the event. Have your guests cast their vote for the sex of the baby, let your guest “dress their guess” in the color scheme of the gender they suspect. Prepare fun games that revolve around guessing the gender of the baby and even send them home with a special favor to mark the moment. Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to your party planning.

For those far away loved ones who couldn’t be there, you can share the pictures on social media. If you really want to involve those who are far away, you can even live stream the reveal on Facebook. Whatever you choose, this party is about your family and the new arrival soon to come and all the love that everyone around you shares. Make it a special day for you and your loved ones by throwing a fun and memoriable Gender Reveal Party.

Flawless Wedding Exit Tips!

The question has been popped the answer was yes, so now it’s time to plan the perfect wedding. You’ve dreamed of the big day and want everything to be perfect, including the wedding exit. Choosing a wedding exit with sparklers is a fashionable and beautiful way to capture the moment.

Wedding sparklerexits can create some of the most breathtaking photos to remember your day by. The sparklers can be used in photography to capture the illumination of the couple in the dark night, as well as the entire wedding party creating a dramatic display with the sparklers. Your photographer can create some beautiful images by using the sparklers in unique and dramatic ways. Not to mention, they are so much fun.

As with anything that is a part of your wedding, the use of sparklers also requires planning. Here are some simple but important steps to take to ensure you have a flawless and safe magical wedding exit with sparklers.

  1. Check with your venue to make sure that sparklers are allowed on the property. Not all venues will allow sparklers. If your venue doesn’t allow sparklers don’t worry! We have a few other fun alternatives, check them out here!
  2. Inform your photographer well in advance that you are planning a sparkler exit. The photographer may to need special set up and equipment to capture the wedding exit on film. Additionally, the photographer will organize the guests in the correct positioning so that no sparklers come in contact with the couple or any guests. It’s important for the guests to be well spaced and for the couple to have a wide aisle to walk through.
  3. Order the correct sparklers for the day. Wedding sparklers are different than regular party sparklers. They are longer and burn differently. Wedding sparklers that are a minimum of 20” in length are recommended. We recommend out 20inch sparklersfor wedding of 150 guests or less. For larger wedding parties we suggest our 36 inch sparklers.
  4. Assign someone responsible to the task of lighting and disposal of the sparklers. They should be in charge of proper lighting with either a barbeque lighter or another lit sparkler. The sparklers should be fully extinguished in a bucket of water or sand. This person can do a final check of the area to make sure that all sparklers have been collected or disposed of properly.
  5. Safety precautions should be in place, such as a fire extinguisher on hand at the time of the sparkler exit and first aid supplies for any unforeseen mishaps.
  6. Sparklers burn at a high temperature between 1800 and 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and should not be used by anyone under the influence or by small children without adult supervision.

Creating the perfect wedding exit with sparklers can be easy and beautiful by just following a few simple steps. Your wedding is a time of joy and laughter, and additionally everyone should be safe and comfortable in using the sparklers. Having a wedding exit with sparklers, whether you do a grand exit, wedding writing or a traditional walk, you will not be disappointed in the results.

Create Your Dream Sparkling Exit

It’s not everyday that you get married, and you want this to be the hallmark moment in your life. Are you dreaming of a grand wedding sparkler exit? Who wouldn’t? The sparkler exit is the pièce de résistance in wedding exits—nothing can be compared to this striking display. Along with the dress, the cake and the party, the exit is of paramount importance when it comes to making a memorable statement. Just as the best shows, the best performances, and the best celebrations end with a spectacular bang, you too want to end your night with a memorable and breathtaking feast for the eyes.

Sparklers are synonymous with celebrations, just like birthday candles on a cake and fireworks in the air; sparklers create an atmosphere of magic. When planning your exit, you want something both spectacular and memorable; a sparkler exit with all your guests is just the thing. It not only creates an incredible visual effect, it allows for those in attendance to take part in your special day.

Nothing screams enchanted moment more, than all of your special guests lined up side by side as you walk beneath a magical arch of tiny bursting stars. Not only do the sparklers create a dramatic effect, they allow those near and dear to your heart to participate in the biggest day of your life. Your family and friends will be excited and honored to participate in creating your majestic exit. Sparklers held high overhead, white lights blazing against the night sky and cheers of laughter and joy will surround you as you walk beneath your own starry night sky.

The grand exit with sparklers all around will create a beautiful backdrop for your photographer to capture this moment on film forever. White stars sparkling, faces smiling and the joys in your hearts bursting forth as you are illuminated by the radiance of twinkling starts. This is more than a fairytale, this is real life, your life and your special occasion, and it is as marvelous as you ever imagined it would be.

Everything is better with sparklers as they bring back the feeling of childhood in everyone.  The exuberance of the little kid and the wide eyes that looked toward the sky as the fireworks exploded is brought back to everyone in that precious moment. Family and friends will be thrilled at the thought of once again capturing that childhood joy that comes with sparklers.

Designating someone to be the sparkler coordinator and having it all preplanned will prevent any unforeseen problems on that celebratory night. So don’t hesitate when it comes to planning that dramatic exit. Get your sparklers and invite your loved ones to be a part of your evening as the magic of your day is forever captured on film and in the hearts of those you love.

Did you use sparklers for your grand exit? We would love to see pictures! Tag us of Facebook or Instagram! Don’t forget we have a monthly photo contest, just email us your pictures to be entered into the drawing to win!

Sparkler Sky Writing

Sparkler writing has become a popular and breathtaking element to add to your wedding. Brightly burning sparklers create a feeling of fairytale magic in the night air. What better way to capture the magic of your wedding than to create your own enchanted evening with sparklers. Just like wishing on a falling star or a penny in the fountain, something inside you still believes in the magic of a dream. Make that dream a reality by adding that little touch of enchantment that sparklers bring.

This is your fairytale and you get to create your own magical night. What better way than to bring the element of starlight into your waking dream. The choices are endless and wedding sparkler writing is only limited by your own imagination. Some popular choices have been to write your new last name, your wedding date, the word “love”, hearts, or the magical swirl around the couple, just like the one in Cinderella as her dress is transformed into the gown for the ball. Whether you’ve been planning your wedding since you were five, or you’ve newly acquired the planning bug, all of your great ideas will be even more incredible when topped off with an enchanted wedding sparkler writing photo.

You want to ensure your moments are captured on film in the most memorable way. To help ensure you get the best sparkler writing photos, make sure to ask your photographer if they are skilled in this type of photography. Many photographers are now mastering the art of capturing sparkler writing on film and creating lasting memories for you to cherish.

Preplan with your photographer when and where you are going to take your sparkler writing pictures, keeping in mind that it will need to be dark out and they will need to set up specifically for this type of photo. Sometimes making a little magic requires preplanning and a practice run through. But, it will all be worth it when your wedding photos are as magical as your day was. Don’t forget the fun you will have in practicing with your sparklers. Just like when you were a little kid and as eager as could be to twirl and swirl those bright white stars in the night air. This part of wedding preparation lets you get to be a kid again.

Sparkler writing is the new statement ending to the perfect day. Whether you and your spouse are the ones in the picture or you want to share it with your bridal party, you are sure to make a lasting memory with sparkler writing. The ending to your special night is the beginning of your new life. Mark this incredible journey you are about to undertake with the magical element of sparkler writing. Your fairytale has just begun and this is the moment when lights, camera and MAGIC fill the air.

Sparkling Arch – Wedding Grand Exit

You’ve been planning your big day, from the dress to the cake to the exit, no rice for you and birdseed won’t do—why not exit with flair by walking under a starry arch of glittering sparklers! What could be more breathtaking than twinkling blasts of tiny white stars against the dark night sky as you and your groom leave the reception?

So much planning goes into both a wedding and the reception—well, mostly the reception. After the question is popped, the rings and the dress are bought; it’s onto the reception planning. This is the fun part, the planning of the biggest party of your life. This party isn’t like any other party you will ever attend because this party is all about you and your love on the most important day of your life!

Wonderful ideas are everywhere; it’s like being a kid in a candy store. The colors, the decorations, the favors, the cake, the foods, the drinks, the music, the dancing…it’s all brilliant, intoxicating, wondrous and a little overwhelming. You want to get everything perfect. Your dream wedding, just as you have imagined it—your very own fairytale come true. You’ve found your prince and now on this special day you get to be the princess in all her beautiful glory.

It’s not enough to have a perfect wedding and a perfect reception; you want a perfect finale to end it all with the most amazing exit you can dream up. When the band has played they save the best for last, when the big game is finished they shoot them into the sky, even the Disney castle itself finishes off with the sparkling stars being shot into the dark night above. So why not finish your reception with the same majesty that brings everyone to “oohs and ahs,” just like they were kids again? Sparklers. Sparklers held high as you walk beneath just as couples have walked beneath arches of drawn swords for hundreds of years. Walk beneath your own magical arch of shimmering brilliant white stars.

You will leave the wedding and the guests with a feeling of enchantment in the air. On this one night at this one moment the magic of dreams comes to life. As it all happens around you and you are overflowing with joy, this is the last moments of that incredible celebration with everyone who is dear to you gathered around.

You want this moment to last forever, and it can, captured on film for you to enjoy for years to come. Envision the photo that will be hanging on your wall, that majestic moment when the new Mr. and Mrs. kissed under a glorious night sky of shining dazzling sparklers. It’s exhilarating just to think about.

The sparklers are lit, everyone is cheering and they cue you to make your exit through the thrilling display of sparklers held high. You two walk hand in hand as the brilliance of the sparklers creates a radiant glow all around you. Your big day has come to an end, but the memories created will last a lifetime.

Did you use our sparklers for your grand sparkling exit? We would love to see! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram! Don’t forget about our monthly photo contest, send us your sparkling exit pictures for a chance to win!


Baby Harvey – A Gender Reveal Party Story


Michelle and Erik’s gender reveal party was definitely one for the books! Michelle planned a big gender reveal party for all her friends and family! She had 60 friends and family come to help her celebrate and be there for their big reveal! She also live streamed it on Facebook so her friends and family that couldn’t physically be there with them could still be a part of the fun! I love that idea! When I had my gender reveal party we had close friends and family that couldn’t make it and lived states away. They were just as bummed about it as we were, and I wish I would have been able to live stream it with them! As it was we FaceTimed in my sister! So, when it got close to time for the big reveal, Michelle set up a tripod with her phone so everyone could be there with her and Erik. Michelle and Erik set out pink and blue necklaces for their guests to wear to show if their guess for the baby was boy or girl. Although many came dressed in pink or blue already!

Michelle and Erik purchased whopping 56 confetti cannons! They wanted a HUGE confetti cloud to announce to everyone if their sweet baby to be was a little miss or mister! I love how they had enough cannons for everyone to be included. As everyone was getting ready Michelle warned everyone not to twist their confetti cannon until their count down began. Our confetti cannons are very easy to use! All you have to do is hold the cannon with both hands, point the cannon towards and sky, twist the bottom of the canister and BOOM! You will be showered in a cloud of pink or blue confetti. In Michelle and Erik’s case they were showered in the biggest blue confetti cloud I have ever seen! They had 54 cannons go off at the same time. I don’t think I have ever seen so much blue confetti in my life! Luckily for Michelle our confetti cannons are biodegradable making clean up a breeze!

One big question we get asked frequently is how do we know what color confetti is inside the cannon and how can we hide this from everyone until the reveal? Our confetti cannons are discreetly marked with a black number indicating the color inside the cannon. So, your secret is safe with us until those confetti cannons are popped!

Congratulations Michelle and Erik on your sweet baby boy and throwing an unforgettable gender reveal party!

Sparkler Grand Exit Tips

Every bride wants her wedding to go off without a hitch, from planning your grand entrance to your flawless sparkling exit.

Make your sparkling exit something your guests will talk about for months t come! Your grand exit is that last part of the biggest days of your life, so make it special! We know wedding planning can be stressful, and something are forgotten, or let’s be honest, not even thought of! So here are a few tips to help your grand sparling exit go off without a hitch!

First Things First!

You always want to check with your wedding venue! The number one mistake we come across is that some venues don’t allow sparkler send-offs due to insurance, safety, or burn bans. Some venues also have requirements or stipulations as to the type of sparker you can use and the length of sparkers permitted due to safety concerns.

We have 3 sparker sizes to chose from to meet your possible venue rules. If your venue allows sparklers and does not have size stipulations we offer 10 inch, 20 inch, and 36 inch sparklers. Not sure which size you need? Our general guidelines for sparkler size is for weddings of 150 guests or less our 20 inch sparklers will be perfect for you. Now if you are getting close to that 150 mark or have more than 150 guests we recommend our 36 inch sparkers. These guidelines help ensure all your guests’ sparklers will still be lit during your sparkling exit!

Inform Everyone About the Sparklers Exit

Now that you have decided to use sparklers for your grand exit, make sure you have a sign or some type of way to announce what time that your sparkler sendoff you will be. We love the idea of sparking tables or sendoff tables that allow you to inform guests of your exit time, you can display your sparklers and can leave lighting instructions for your guests.

Last but not least…

Most brides and grooms overlook the lighting process when using sparklers for weddings. Here are a few pointers on how to get all your sparklers lit and sparkling. First, all of your guest should have their sparklers and are positioned for your exit BEFORE lighting their sparklers. We recommend having a butane lighter handy and not matches. Did you know the best way to light a sparker is with another sparker? This is why we include one package of our 10 inch sparklers in your wedding sparkers packages to use for lighting.

One big mistakes we see a lot is that brides want to use matches for lighting sparklers. As cute as custom match boxes, the matches themselves do not burn long enough or raise the heat of the sparkler high enough to lite the material.

Once you have a few sparklers lit, it’s like a domino effect and one will light the next, until all the sparklers are lit. Now you are ready to walk through your flawless sparkling tunnel with your new hubby into your new future.

Through the years, we have seen some amazing and beautiful wedding sparkler send-offs, we hope that these tips come in handy when planning your sparkler send off. Don’t forget to send us your beautiful sparkling exits! You can also tag us on Facebook or Instagram. I can’t wait to see them!

Confetti Cannon Wedding Tips

Every bride wants to create the perfect wedding that unforgettable and filled with magic. Confetti cannons add that little bit of extra magic to your wedding. Here are some fun ways to use confetti cannons during your big day, making your wedding unforgettable.

First Kiss

Want to add a little bit of excitement right after the ‘I Do’? Have your bridesmaids and groomsmen pop confetti cannons during your first kiss or after your pronounced husband and wife. The cascade of confetti will most definitely add magic to your wedding as well as lots of laughter and love. There are so many confetti options to choose from you are sure to find one to fit your wedding theme. From traditional weddings using our white confetti cannons to bright beautiful weddings with our multi color confetti cannons adding a burst of color to your wedding. No matter you wedding theme, any confetti cannon you choose will add excitement and magic to your ceremony!  

First Dance

Your wedding reception is not complete without your first dance as husband and wife. There are infinite possibilities to make the moment unforgettable, but we love the confetti cannon entrance onto the dance floor. It gives that extra magical ambiance making your first dance something you will never forget. Our confetti cannons use compressed air to shoot the confetti into the air making them safe for not just outdoor use but indoor use as well. You and your new husband will be in a 15 foot cloud of confetti as it flutters down all around you. Pure magic during your first dance.

Grand Exit

Your grand exit at a wedding is an exciting time and the last event of your special day. There are so many beautiful and creative ways to do your grand exit from the traditional rice, to the popular sparklers but I love the magic of confetti cannons. Worried about the mess confetti cannons make? We have got that covered! We have biodegrable confetti inside our confetti cannons and even have white confetti cannons that shoot water soluable confetti! Clean up has never been easier! Confetti cannons are safe for people of all ages and are easy to operate. Simply hold them with both hands, point the cannon up owards the sky and twist the bottom of the tube and “BOOM”, the confetti shoots up into the air about 15 feet high. What an exciting way to end the most beautiful and magical day of your life.

Don’t forget the gorgeous, to die for pictures you will get! Confetti cannons make the perfect backdrop for those to die for pictures of your wedding day! So, whether you choose multi color confetti cannons or white confetti cannons, your day will be filled unforgettable and filled with magic. We would love to see your confetti cannon pictures! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram! We also have a monthly photo contest so be sure to send your magical pictures in!

Gender Reveal: Powder Cannons

When planning a gender reveal party everyone wants to do something new and creative to announce if they are having a littler mister or little misses! I have been seeing so many smoke bombs, powder cannons and chalk reveals lately! They are an explosion of color and help to create the most beautiful pictures. Not only will you and your loved ones be surprised to find out the gender of your sweet baby, but will be wowed by the bright pink or blue cloud they see!

Smoke bombs are so much fun! Whether you are doing a gender reveal party or gender reveal photo shoot these are the perfect choice! So many people are doing gender reveal photos as well to be able to post on social media for friends and family far and wide to see! Our pink and blue gender reveal smoke bombs are packaged discreetly so that no one will know what color the smoke will be until you are ready for your reveal. Our pink and blue gender reveal smoke bombs are easy to use, and they emit non-toxic smoke so they are safe for you and your little bean. A cloud of pink or blue smoke will fill the air when it is lit.

Powder cannons are such an exciting way to reveal if your having a little prince or princess. Our pink and blue gender reveal powder cannons add fun excitement to every gender reveal party! Using several powder cannons creates a beautiful large cloud of pink and blue and allow your friends and family to be involved in your reveal. Our powder cannons are filled with rice powder that has been dyed bright pink and blue. The rice powder is non-toxic, so it is safe for you and your little one. The powder is also biodegrable making clean up a breeze! Our powder cannons are made with compressed air and are very easy to use! Just hold with both hands, point the cannon towards the sky, twist the bottom of the tube and POP! You’ll be in a cloud of pink or blue! Worried that the cannons will give away the color powder before your reveal? We have that covered! Our powder cannons are marked with a small black number indicating if its pink or blue. Ensuring all your guests will be surprised with the cannon is shot off!

Is you hubby a huge sports fan? If so then powder filled baseballs are the way to go! Gender reveal baseballs are perfect for a baseballs or big bows themed gender reveal party! Once the ball is hit an explosion of pink or blue powder fills the air!

I hope these ideas help to inspire some ideas for your own gender reveal party! This is such a special time during your pregnancy, so any way you choose celebrate this beautiful little one will memorable! If you used one of our products for your gender reveal party, we would love to see it! Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook or Instagram!