Sparkler Sky Writing

Sparkler writing has become a popular and breathtaking element to add to your wedding. Brightly burning sparklers create a feeling of fairytale magic in the night air. What better way to capture the magic of your wedding than to create your own enchanted evening with sparklers. Just like wishing on a falling star or a penny in the fountain, something inside you still believes in the magic of a dream. Make that dream a reality by adding that little touch of enchantment that sparklers bring.

This is your fairytale and you get to create your own magical night. What better way than to bring the element of starlight into your waking dream. The choices are endless and wedding sparkler writing is only limited by your own imagination. Some popular choices have been to write your new last name, your wedding date, the word “love”, hearts, or the magical swirl around the couple, just like the one in Cinderella as her dress is transformed into the gown for the ball. Whether you’ve been planning your wedding since you were five, or you’ve newly acquired the planning bug, all of your great ideas will be even more incredible when topped off with an enchanted wedding sparkler writing photo.

You want to ensure your moments are captured on film in the most memorable way. To help ensure you get the best sparkler writing photos, make sure to ask your photographer if they are skilled in this type of photography. Many photographers are now mastering the art of capturing sparkler writing on film and creating lasting memories for you to cherish.

Preplan with your photographer when and where you are going to take your sparkler writing pictures, keeping in mind that it will need to be dark out and they will need to set up specifically for this type of photo. Sometimes making a little magic requires preplanning and a practice run through. But, it will all be worth it when your wedding photos are as magical as your day was. Don’t forget the fun you will have in practicing with your sparklers. Just like when you were a little kid and as eager as could be to twirl and swirl those bright white stars in the night air. This part of wedding preparation lets you get to be a kid again.

Sparkler writing is the new statement ending to the perfect day. Whether you and your spouse are the ones in the picture or you want to share it with your bridal party, you are sure to make a lasting memory with sparkler writing. The ending to your special night is the beginning of your new life. Mark this incredible journey you are about to undertake with the magical element of sparkler writing. Your fairytale has just begun and this is the moment when lights, camera and MAGIC fill the air.

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